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The anti-get rich slow scheme
By Jack Anderson on April 12, 2019

The Millionaire Fastlane is a book that is quite different from most personal finance books. Most books tell that by saving as much as possible, investing in your 401(k) and the stock market, you'll become rich. What author MJ DeMarco is saying is that those methods will eventually work... when you are old. He strongly advocates against getting rich slow, as it means, according to him, a scam.
He doesn't believe in the so-called latte factor, he doesn't believe in counting pennies while working a 9 to 5 job. What he proposes is much bigger, but also much more difficult. Instead of counting pennies and making your own coffee, he's chasing Lamborghini's.

His view is that if you want to become rich, you've got to do it through the creation of a business system. Ideally solving problems for many. The more people you touch, the more successful your project will become.

While the book is really interesting, a third of it is focused on saying why the get rich solution is not one. I think this went too long and could have easily been more concise. One hundred pages is clearly too long for that.

Also, while I understand his point of view and programme, I think that he actually worked in a similar way as "all the others", meaning that while he may have a different message, he is still saying that his method is the one to follow. I have yet to read any book where the author suggests you to do both methods.

I must say I was really annoyed by all the references to his forums. Named The Fastlane Forums, they are mentioned every two pages. The worst thing is that the address of the forums is also mentioned so many times that it becomes ludicrous. I would have preferred to have the link just here and there and no repeated so many times.

An excellent book for anyone that wants to create a business system. I give it 7 out of 10.

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