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A pompous motivational book
By Jack Anderson on August 8, 2019

Where shall I begin?

I always thought that Think and Grow Rich was the ultimate book on the science on getting rich. Boy, was I wrong. This book is everything but that. Don't look for a single clue on how to become a better investor. The book is not about that. Think and Grow Rich is a motivational book. And it only took me a couple of pages in order to understand that this would be a journey I would not particularly like.

First, the book basically opens with a letter from a fan of the author. Yes, a fan-mail section, if you want, which says how completely revolutionary the author is and how he transformed the life of that particular person just by giving one speech.
Later, the author explains how admirable he is. When his son was born without ears, he knew he would be able to find a solution. Because he knows everything and is the best in all situation and also is a sexed person. Imagine him as the ultimate sex-symbol, turning everything he sees into gold.
Then, the author goes on to constantly make some name dropping, to such an extent that it becomes laughable. Ghandi, George Washington, Napoleon (the other), Henry Ford, you name it.
I really disliked the way the author starts his material.

Then, after a couple of pages, it becomes evident that this book is not about money, but about self-help. How to get better. How to visualize riches and how to use the aether, something apparently filling up the Universe, in order to reach anyone's goals.

When I say everyone, visualize men. Since this was written in the 1930's, women are merely sex objects in this book. I found highly fun when he explains that men are polygamous by nature. Of course, since we were in the 1930's, I will not judge this book. But I wouldn't want to be a woman and read this one, to be honest.

Of course, the book has obviously some very interesting concepts, such as the one where the author explains he used to go to sleep by closing his eyes and picturing his imaginary cabinet, filled with high-class and powerful businessmen. That I really liked and never heard before. That was quite original.

I give it 2 out of 10. Very bad. It was such a boring read, with very little interesting material.

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