iPhone 11 Pro Review
 October 6, 2019 by Jack Anderson

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January 9, 2007. A quote that will go in History of the tech world.
"An iPod. A phone. And an Internet communicator. An iPod. A phone. Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices. This is one device. And we are calling it iPhone. Today, today, Apple is going to re-invent the phone."
Twelve years later, Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but his breakthrough in smartphone still resonates today. Apple's stock market cap is worth one trillion dollars and each year, the company has been making billions with its new iPhones.
Each year, the iPhone got better. At first, these were giant leaps. Let's remember that the first iPhone had no 3G and was slow as hell, it could not shoot videos, could not have a wallpaper and had no app store. Each new iteration of the iPhone was awaited like it was the Messiah himself. The iPhone 3G introduced... well, 3G. The iPhone 3GS was much faster than its predecessor. The iPhone 4S introduced Siri. The iPhone 5 a larger screen. The iPhone 5S a finger sensor. The iPhone 6 yet another larger screen. The iPhone 7 Plus introduced a second camera and the iPhone X got rid of the home button in favor of a face detection system called Face ID.
But now that the smartphone has become so smart, what else is there for the iPhone? Today, the iPhone is super fast, the screen is filled with so many pixels that you cannot even see those anymore and the screen is so large it's starting to become difficult to put them in your pocket. So, what else is there for the iPhone?
Well, clearly the number of new features are diminishing with each new iteration. But that is all so logical. The product has become mature, the same way your laptop is not evolving a lot between each year.
So, this fall, Apple is back with its new smartphone. The iPhone 11 Pro.

First, let us talk about the name. Many would think that the way the iPhones are named is totally irrelevant. My view is that it is profoundly important. Last year was a gigantic mess for the consumers. Many had no clue what was the name of the latest iPhone, to such an extent that I believe that for the first time in a more than a decade, people were not that interested about the new iPhones. Last year, there were two products:
- The iPhone XR
- The iPhone XS Max
While naming the iPhone X was a great idea to show a leap forward (the removal of the home button), the year after was not so easy to understand.
This year, I believe that Apple found a great way to resolve it. We now have the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone XR felt like a sub-iPhone, similar to the iPhone SE. The iPhone 11 feels that this is a main luxury product, not a substandard anymore.
The question remains, is the iPhone 11 Pro really that professional? Maybe not. Perhaps it is more an iPhone 11S, but let's not confuse the consumers even more.
The summary is that the new names feel perfect to me and I already had many friends talking to me about the new iPhones, while none were interested last year.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max has... five more daily hours of battery. Yes, this alone is quite a gigantic step forward. But it comes with one downside...

The iPhone XS Max was quite heavy already. Because of its even larger battery, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is even heavier. While I obviously do not like it, I still believe it was the right choice – the reason being that most consumers would much prefer a heavier phone with a larger battery than a thinner phone with a smaller battery.

According to the numbers, the iPhone 11 Pro screen is better and brighter. To be honest, I did not see any difference over the iPhone XS Max. If you currently have the iPhone X or XS, you probably won't notice the difference. Obviously, if you come from an older iPhone such as the iPhone 7, the difference will be very noticeable.

Apparently, the sound of this new iPhone is much better. What I noticed is that at a very low volume, the speaker are already very loud! So much that I would not even try to put it at maximum sound. Once again, not a deal breaker. And whatever the Atmos sound, I did not notice a difference here too.

I remember purchasing the iPhone 5S in 2013 for $999 and thought it was incredibly expensive. I visited an Apple store around Christmas time and purchased two phones. One for my girlfriend and one for me. The total amount was precisely $1,998. A friend of mine jokingly told the Apple employee if we could get a special gift for such high price. The employee looked at him with a big smile and said something like "Yes, I can give you a second Apple bag if you want!" Our reaction was priceless!
This year, I spent a staggering $1,489 for mine (Max) and $1,389 for my girlfriend, for a crazy total of $2,878 for two new iPhones. Clearly, that is quite expensive for just a new camera and a bigger (and heavier) battery. But when you love Apple, you know you are in a very costly relationship.

So, to summarize, the iPhone 11 Pro is having an outstanding new wide-lens camera, a gigantic and much bigger battery than its predecessor. And the negative is that it's heavier than last year's iPhone. And like last year, you'll have to sell a kidney to be able to purchase it.

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By CryptoGirl on 2019-12-10 14:54:52 ET
Since I want to keep my kidney, I may pass this one... But now I want that third camera, damn!

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