Apple Releases New Groundbreaking Products
 September 11, 2018 by Jack Anderson

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Today, Apple released groundbreaking products, as part of their yearly September keynote. The technology company focused on two of their most selling products: the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Here are all the details about the new products.

First, the new Apple Watch, the Series 4, has been redesigned to offer more functionalities in an even thinner enclosure. While being thinner, thanks to a reduced bezel, the screen is 35% bigger on the new 40 millimeters version and 32% on the new 44 mm one. The previous models were both 38 and 42 mm.

Apart from the main new watchface featuring up to eight complications, the smartwatch is also getting some other new watch faces, such as:
- Breath face.
- Fire face.
- Water face.
- Vapor face.

The microphone has been placed on the other side of the watch, in order to be as far from the speaker as possible, in order to provide a better calling experience. Meanwhile, the speaker itself has been improved and will provide more feedback, such as replies from Siri.

The new processor, called the S4 chip, is a 64-bit dual core, which will lead to a watch twice as fast as the previous Series 3.

A new interesting feature that was definitely not leaked before, is that the Apple Watch can now detect a fall! In case of a fall, the smartwatch would ask the user to confirm that he or she is okay. If not, emergency services would be automatically called.
This was made possible thanks to a study made with thousands of participants.

But apart from the usual updates, there is one particular feature that will surely make the news starting today. Apple announced that the new Apple Watch will feature a full FDA approved electrocardiogram! This is clearly a groundbreaking feature that will now be made available to the masses and may have a major positive impact in terms of health concerns, as confirmed on stage by the President of American Heart Association, Ivo J. Benjamin.
What is interesting as well is that the user will have to use the revamped digital crown, which will read the data, along with new sensors on the back of the watch. This will lead to watchOS classifying the rhythm of the user. A user would then be able to even share the readouts on a PDF with his or her Doctor.

The watch will also now provide low heart rate warnings as well as provide atrial fibrillation (AFib) information.

In terms of the design, many will not have remarked that the angles of the watch are different and less straight as the previous version. This is very obvious when watching the watch up front compared to a previous model.

The watch will be available to order on September 14, for a release scheduled for September 21, including with a new gold stainless steel finish option. And no, you won't need to buy new bands, as the current ones will be compatible with the new models. Meanwhile, watchOS will be available on September 17.

Overall, as it was the case with the iPhone during its first days, the Apple Watch is still having a massive potential to grow exponentially in the next few years. This is only the fourth iteration of the smartwatch. As a comparison, the fourth iteration of the iPhone was the iPhone 4, which was a clear success for the company and grew sales by a wide margin.

Talking about the iPhone, the company released not only one but three separate iPhones. The iPhone X is being replaced by the iPhone XS, a similar model with, as you would expect, a faster processor and improved features, such as a faster Face ID recognition, a better water resistance, 30 minutes of more battery and an option to go up to 512 GB of storage - half a Terabyte in your pocket! Don't forget that two decades ago, Iomega Zip tapes had generally 250 MB of storage. Megabytes. We may take for granted today's technology, but it took many years of innovation to get to where we are today.

Interestingly, the iPhone XS will feature a double SIM option, through a digital SIM called eSIM. This will probably offer Apple the chance to test this feature and soon entirely remove the physical SIM cards. More on that next year, probably. One interesting thing is that the Chinese version of the iPhone XS will support two physical SIM cards, through one SIM with front and back usage - a typical smart move from Apple.

While the iPhone XS will feature the same 5.8-inch screen as its predecessor, Apple is also releasing a massively bigger iPhone, featuring an astonishing 6.8-inch display - the biggest ever on an iPhone. This makes the iPhone XS Max the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with a full screen. The bigger size also offers 90 minutes of additional battery compared to the previous iPhone X.

Finally, Apple did not stop there and also released a new iPhone, as the replacement of the outdated iPhone SE and the iPhone 8. Called the iPhone XR, the phone is a cheaper alternative to the luxurious iPhone XS. The phone uses an LCD display, instead of the better OLED screen from the XS. Also, it has only one back camera and does not feature 3D Touch.
Also, the iPhone XR will be available in multiple vivid colors:
- White,
- Black,
- Blue,
- Yellow,
- Coral (orange),
- Red, as PRODUCT(RED).

By doing so, Apple entirely removes Touch ID and makes its entire iPhone line more gorgeous as ever. As usual, we expect the consumers to fall in love with the new products and investors to continue growing the stock even more. What is outstanding is that Apple is now updating its iPhone line for more than 10 years and was able to surpass expectations each and every time. There were, of course, some controversies, such as the infamous antenna-gate (iPhone 4) and the bend-gate (iPhone 6), but these were massively over-dramatized and had very little real impact to the users, and surely no impact on the stock. $AAPL is now at approximately $220, for a market cap of more than a trillion dollars.

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By CryptoGirl on 2019-08-07 17:26:29 ET
I actually bought this watch. Now I can monitor my watch AND look cool at the same time.

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