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 Jun 23, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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As part of our coverage of the crypto space, we have published close to 300 daily CEL reports. Those daily reports provide detailed numbers on the crypto fintech firm Celsius Network. We cover user growth, earning interest rates, number of tokens stored in the app and more.

Following some heavy interest from our members, we've decided to go the extra mile and add even more information, available starting today:
- The table of primary data now contains the daily number of tokens under Celsius management.
- The table also contains the daily max supply. Why daily? Because CEL can not be minted but can only be burned. We let you connect the dots.
- A brand new chart now shows the details between in-app tokens, Celsius managed tokens, locked tokens as well as outside tokens.

Meanwhile, many of our members told us that the Inflection Point kept moving into the future. Therefore, we've updated the formula to reflect a more plausible scenario. We use this opportunity to mention, once again, that obviously not 100% of the tokens can physically be stored on the Celsius app. You've got to account for lost tokens or tokens that will never move. But this prediction model tells us a date in the future where the level of scarcity of CEL will be so high, that we expect a drastic increase of the price, similar to what can happen on the consumer market when there is a sudden shortage.

So, we hope that you'll appreciate this new update, because, yes, new is always better.

Check out the new data here:

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By Gruic on 2020-06-23 15:29:08 ET
Great !

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