Hey, I'm Zach – An Unofficial Celsius Community Video
 Sep 5, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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The Financer is proud to release an unofficial video about the crypto lending firm Celsius Network. For more than a year now, we've been proactively covering the crypto startup and kept thinking that one element was not fully empathized in terms of the communication. The human connection. Beyond the crypto gibberish and borrowing vocabulary, Celsius is touching the lives of more than a hundred thousand members. We wanted to release a video that focused on that and went beyond the crypto space.

Started in February, this tour de force took us seven months to complete. It is not perfect by any stretch but we consider it good enough to release it. This tells the imaginary story of a young man that has a mundane life and discovers Celsius Network through a friend. Soon after, this young man realizes that the earning rates are so much higher than the ones from his local bank that he can free himself from the need to a 9 to 5 typical work. He then uses his new freedom to travel the world and enjoy life to its fullest, until meeting the love of his life and yet again utilizing the Celsius app in order to help him pay for the wedding of his – and his newly bride's – dreams.

We hope you appreciate this unofficial video, that is in no way sponsored by Celsius Network.


Hey, I'm Zach. I'm a pretty average guy, nothing special about me. I used to work 9 to 5 – actually, more like 8 to 6. I used to put my money in a bank with overdraft fees and zero interest.
But a friend of mine texted me and said... "Dude!!! You should check this app!!", so I downloaded it, sent some crypto into it, I sent half a Bitcoin and stablecoins – I don't like risk. But then...

Then the first Monday I got 5 bucks, bought a good hot coffee with it. Then I made 8 bucks, so I said you know what? Let me put more. And I put more... and more. And now I'm pretty much free.

I left the company I was working for. We had a huge farewell party. I obviously paid for the drinks. I started to travel the world, do the things I love. I've been to Argentina, it's a nice place, you should check it out.

Then one day, I met the love of my life. She's the reason I'm on this rock, so, I proposed. We needed money for the wedding, I said, "don't look no more", and with just one tap, I borrowed money and used my crypto as collateral. We had the wedding of our dreams and this moment will stay in our hearts forever.

So, this is me, an ordinary guy who discovered an extraordinary app. It's called Celsius – and it's awesome.

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