The Civil Debate
 Oct 23, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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Yesterday, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met for their second and final debate.

Many considered their first debate as a national disgrace and a worldwide embarrassment. Trump kept interrupting his opponent, while Biden ended up insulting the American President. Following that fiasco, the debate commission decided to cut off the candidate's microphone while the other was talking – at least during the first two minutes.

And magically... it worked. This debate was decent enough and, well... watchable. While there were little substance and a concrete lack of maturity you'd expect for running to such a high office, the result was a much calmer debate that let voters really see the candidates for what they believe in.

Will it change anything? Probably not.

While there is usually no clear winner in any debate – each side believing they won – Trump definitely showed a more relaxed side of himself, which many missed. Do not forget that Donald Trump can be extremely charming and friendly when he wants to. This time, he was not vociferating and even congratulated the journalist in quite a shocking moment.

Meanwhile, Biden was incisive, but not as sharp as when he is reading a speech from a prompter. Often searching for his words, he still was able to come up with strong moments, especially when he referred to wanting to be the President of all American States, not just blue states or red states.

But both candidates also had their bad moments, for instance when Trump said "I am the least racist person in that room" or when Biden compared dictators to Adolf Hitler.

Rewatch the debate here:

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