Celsius AMA Ultimate Recap (Nov 27, 2020)
 Nov 27, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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It's that time of the week again! If you don't have 90 minutes to watch Celsius Network's AMA, here is the ultimate recap:

- Next Monday or Tuesday, Celsius will publish a press release, announcing that they partnered with Chainanalysis, which just completed an audit of the company.
- Platinum members are going to be the first ones to be able to access in-app swaps, making CEL even more of a utility token.
- In-app swaps will be done with zero fees. And based on spot price. You read it right.
- Alex says "this is the way".

And if you do have the time, here is the AMA:

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By Gruic on 2020-11-27 15:51:35 ET
Another great moment.

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