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 Dec 17, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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Last month, we talked to you about a new cryptocurrency mobile app, named XPocket, that wants to take a bite at the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) market and become your one-stop solution for your digital assets.

Today, the team of XPocket is ready to start their token presale. They just released all the details about the token sale, which we summarize here. The token sale will take place in two phases, starting this Saturday, December 19.

27.500.000 allocated Pocket token for sale, hardcap 5200 ETH (softcap 300)
First come, first served basis.
Any contributions over hardcap will be refunded.
The first stage of the sale will start on December 19th at 9 PM (CET), it will last 3 days, until December 22nd at 9 PM (CET).
The second stage will start on December 23rd at 9 PM (CET), and it will end on December 26th at 9 PM (CET).

Stage 1: (December 19–22)
11.000.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 1733.36 ETH Hardcap
6346 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.000157 ETH = $ 0.098
Min Buy: 0.33 ETH, Max Buy: 75 ETH

Stage 2: (December 23–26)
16.500.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 3466.68 ETH Hardcap
4759.6 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.00021 ETH = 0.13 $
Min Buy: 0.33 ETH, Max Buy: 75 ETH

If you are interested to invest, the team has published an in-depth Medium article that goes into the details and even describes how to purchase the tokens.

We'll keep on covering this project as things progress and will share all the latest news on XPocket.
As always, this is not financial advice. Do your own due diligence before investing.

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