Celsius AMA Bullet Points – Dec 18, 2020
 Dec 18, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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Another week, another AMA from Celsius. Here are the meeting minutes from this week's show.

- The new Celsius app should be released on Monday. This will fix the visual promo code bug.
- Alex Mashinsky reports he is working on "a mega deal with a huge company" for which "I'm just gonna need to hire 50 people just for the call center."
- Celsius is opening a new office in Austin, Texas. The office will be dedicated to strategy, big data and more.
- Celsius to add the following coins: DOT, AAVE and HBAR.
- Celsius will start listing charities so that members can give to charity through CelPay (Red Cross, Unicef and more).
- New Celsius promo code: "BTC". If you deposit $2,000 of Bitcoin, you get $30 of #Bitcoin as a reward. Live now.

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By Douglas Johnson on 2020-12-19 08:11:01 ET
There was a bug initially when the promo code went live. It was stating you could send any asset and would earn $50. As Alex explained in the AMA, the BTC promo code is about sending $2,000 of BTC and earning $30 of BTC. The promo code text has been corrected since.

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