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 Dec 22, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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On Sunday, we got a great opportunity to be interviewed on the 1 Confirmation podcast with Jeff and Dave, a podcast featured on btcmanager.com. We had an exciting hour-long conversation about lots of topics, from the future of blockchain, evolution, time capsules, big tech, Celsius, healthcare, bad actors, government, death, 2001: A Space Odyssey, DeFi, CeFi, Day of the Tentacle, XRP, BONK, HEX, NFT, MillionDollarCrypto and of course our platform and community.

Listen to it here:

Listen on Spotify.

Listen on Apple Podcast.

btcmanager.com link including podcast and transcript.

We use this opportunity to thank Jeff and Dave for their warm welcome and exciting discussion as well as our member Roger, who organized the interview. And we apologize for the way-too-many "at the end of the day".

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