Celsius AMA Bullet Points (Dec 25, 2020)
 Dec 25, 2020 by Douglas Johnson

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- Alex: "The inflection point is here."
- Alex: "I'm happy to report that in February we're going to have a major listing on a major exchange. (...) And this exchange agreed to pay us, by the way."
- Starting today, international users earn 6.2% on BTC.
- Last 30 days net deposit of digital asset is $266,000,000.
- The unlocked CEL tokens from $3 will be locked by most employees for three years, until 2023.
- Celsius to partner with a Bitcoin mining firm and will purchase CEL tokens with half of the earnings. The company is called Argo and their site is argoblockchain.com. Argo is a publicly-traded blockchain technology company focused on large-scale cryptocurrency mining. Headquartered in London. It is the only cryptocurrency mining company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their energy-efficient, powerful mining operations are strategically located throughout North America.
- Alex promises a steak to any top 200 members coming to New York.
- Alex: "What is better: a second of immediate gratification or a gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life?"
- About the new MEGA DEAL: "Just like we made a deal with Line, we did another deal, mega deal, with a company that has several hundred million users. When we'll announce it, hopefully people will pay attention."
- New promo code: SANTA. Transfer $500 of any digital asset and get $25 reward after 30 days.
- Alex: We're hiring
- Celsius to start working with small banks that want to help their customers earn more through crypto. Only banks that want to act in their customers' best interest.
- Celsius just hired 30 agents for a call center...
- Alex: "If you want to join the future, you have to leave the past behind."

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