Celsius AMA Bullet Points (Jan 8, 2021)
 Jan 8, 2021 by Douglas Johnson

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For the second AMA of the year, Krissy Mashinsky took the stage as the opening guest star and shared some updates on the company. Please see our carefully selected bullet points below that summarize the 90-minute episode:

- Krissy Mashinsky reports that Celsius reached more than $6B of AUM (assets under management).
- In the last 30 days, Celsius had $620 million in net deposits.
- In the last week alone, Celsius had 21,586 more users.
- Alex has sold some CEL in order to convert to ETH and provide more liquidity to Uniswap, hence reducing the fees for Celsians who want to buy CEL on Uniswap.
- The legal team is currently working on the XRP situation. "It is not looking good for the Celsius community to continue supporting XRP." — Alex Mashinsky.
- A second MEGA DEAL is in the works. This time with an American company.

Watch the entire AMA here:

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