Celsius AMA Bullet Points – March 12, 2021
 Mar 12, 2021 by Douglas Johnson

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- Celsius now has $10.4B of assets under management.
- CEL will get listed on Bittrex next week.
- CEL will get listed on Bitfinex next week, the fourth biggest centralized exchange in volume.
- The Web app will be released in two weeks.
- DOT to be added to Celsius next Monday.
- Celsius will release a new promo initiative: sign up 23 people with your referral and get an additional $100.
- A new app version will be released on Monday. Members will be able to mention if they are interested to opt-in to the insurance (which will come later). Celsius wants to get a feeling of how many users are interested before proceeding.

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By jhodson on 2021-03-12 15:27:57 ET
Cool! Thank you. Regarding Bittrex Global vs Bittrex, I think US may still not have CEL listed on Bittrex.

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