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By CelsiusInvestor on February 17, 2020, 01:02 ET Post #1

Inflection POINT by John

The inflection point is described as the point where all or the majority of the circulating supply of CEL Token is held in the in-app interest bearing wallets by holders and thus the interest obligations cannot be meet by the available supply thus resulting in the explosion upside price movement.

People falsely believe that price will solve and prevent the inflection point, it does not. CEL on CEL interest means that hundreads of thousands of CEL is due to hodlers each week regardless of price, this is what makes CEL unique, the flywheel model. No other crypto project exists to date that has this model and positive buyer's bias as CEL attracts interest on itself.

is a probabilistic forecast based on the data available and the average current movement of CEL token as it moves into the app. This date is moving target as it is based on fundamentals and underlying natural buying pressure bias from the demand from in-app interest payments.

The lower the price of CEL token for a longer period of time is likely to result in slingshot higher, this can be best described as a beachball that's is kept under water being released. The lower the price of CEL tokens the more quickly savers mop up available tokens which are then placed into wallets. As where tokens are placed into wallets they begin to attract interest as Celsius has indicated that CEL token is set to compound. The CEL on CEL interest obligation becomes higher the more CEL is in wallets and this results in less CEL on the open market. This constant pressure will only result in prices moving higher over time.

Price moves higher and some CEL hodlers will sell some CEL token thus resulting in a gradual price rise. This CEL will recirculate back into stronger hands (hodlers) who in turn will be rewarded with increasing savings at lower effective prices. This save CEL will attract more interest which leads to continued buying pressure and price rises>The flywheel Effect.

The longer one holds CEL token the more one is rewarded. CEL token is unique so far in the cryptospace and is actually revolutionary model where 80% of profits are distributed back to hodlers and makes CEL token the most attractive long term hold position.

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By John on February 17, 2020, 04:02 ET Post #2

And the best part of Celsius is that we are tracking the movement of CEL tokens and can estimate the probable date for the inflection point. As of right now we have 97 million tokens available outside of the app...

Also we know that over 50% of any crypto never moves so we are seeing a recirculation of the CEL token move into stronger hands.

This will lead to more and more CEL token "locked up" permanently.

Right now whilst the CEL token prices is low and more and more is getting locked up, the probability of seeing the slingshot higher scenario that I envision is becoming higher and higher.

HODL that CEL token, this is the stuff of Legends!!!

Douglas Johnson
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By Douglas Johnson on February 17, 2020, 10:02 ET Post #3

The data clearly shows that most, if not all CEL tokens, will end up being stored within the Celsius Network app, meaning that there won't be any more CEL tokens on the market to buy, or at least very little. This precise moment is referred to as the Inflection Point, the moment when the value of CEL may skyrocket to unprecedented territory, because of a high demand with very little offer.
This date fluctuates based on an active formula that is updated daily. The more data points, the more accurate the date is.

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